About Rachel Hall

Fine Artist

My Story

My passion for drawing began at a very early age when I would spend countless hours as a child, with a pencil in hand. My love for art continued into high school, quickly becoming my favourite and best subject. However, after completing high school, I forewent my drawing, went into the field of education, and became an early childhood teacher.


Many years later, as if by fate, I read The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. As suggested in the book, I began writing morning pages (journaling) and through self-discovery realised I was born to be an artist. At that time, I was juggling my teaching career, being a single mum and paying a mortgage independently. Despite this, I made huge sacrifices, choosing to work part-time, which enabled me to study visual art at TAFE. I completed my certificate in Arts and Crafts in 2017 but felt I needed to learn more. I am now halfway through my Bachelor of Fine Arts and Visual Culture at Curtin University. I am highly commended by the school of design and art for my high academic standards, and contribution to the reputation of the course.


Although initially despising charcoal as I found it hard to handle and messy, I found myself unexpectedly drawn to it. In 2019 I began drawing still life with charcoal, focusing on accurate rendering of the shapes, form and tone. I explored various compositional inventions and honed in on mastering light and shadow and edge control. I then had an idea to challenge preconceived notions of what a portrait can be and started creating portraits of people using their inanimate possessions. I have named my creative work Grey Matters: The People I Meet and Know. Grey Matters, is based on the idea that everyone is unique. Our lives are not black and white but various shades of grey and that all lives matter. Along with creating my portraits, I love telling stories of the people I draw. Sharing the high and low moments in our lives allows us to connect as human beings, with love, understanding and compassion.